Audacious Living for the Glory of God


Throughout History, the great men and women of God have been marked by one thing—audacity. From the prophets, judges, and kings of the Old Testament to our heroes of the faith who lived more recently, those who really made a mark for the Lord were audacious.

They were willing to risk everything to bring glory to their God. They were willing to step out in faith and do impossible things because they trusted their God.

One of my favorite examples of this is David.

We all know the story. Israel was fighting against the Philistines who had a champion named Goliath. Not only had Goliath been trained for war from his youth but he was also a giant.

Only a little shepherd boy, David was not a trained warrior. Regardless when he heard that Goliath was challenging the Israelite army to send a champion to fight against him David volunteered. David took his shepherds sling and headed off to fight Goliath. Before he faced his enemy David picked up five smooth stones from a brook.

Wait! Stop the story right there.

Why did David choose five stones? Why didn’t he just pick up one?

Immediately most people would jump to the conclusion that David picked up the four extra stones as backup in case his first stone missed Goliath. I would argue however that that cannot be the case.

We are told in 1 Samuel 17:48 that David hurried and ran toward the Philistine. The Hebrew word that is translated hurried means to sprint. If David had any inclination of missing Goliath when he threw that first stone he would not have been sprinting toward him.

David did not gather four extra stones in case he missed. Instead as if going against Goliath was not audacious enough, David picked up four extra stones, one for each of Goliath’s four brothers.

David knew that his God could save by many or by few. Unconcerned that the odds were stacked against him, David’s only desire was the glory of his God.

Goliath defied the army of Israel, the very people through whom God had chosen to display His might and glorify His name.

David’s was not concerned about the size or strength of his enemy rather he was concerned about the glory of his God.

This is what audacity is born out of. We are audacious when our focus is not upon the obstacle to be overcome but rather upon the great God that we serve.

It is this focus on God that turns mere shepherd boys into giant slaying kings.

How about you? Are you audaciously going after the glory of God in your life? If you are a Christian you are God’s chosen instrument to reveal His glory and power on this earth.

Is your God too small to overcome the giants in your life or do you recognize like David did that not only can God overpower the giant standing directly in front of you, He can also overcome the four brothers of that giant?

We serve a mighty God! Do you believe it?


Authors note:  Scripture does not say that the four extra stones that David picked up were intended for Goliath’s brothers, however, it seems probable that this was his purpose in picking them up.