What do you think of when you hear the word peace? Maybe a walk by the beach or an early morning before everyone gets up.

You probably did not think of the crucifixion of Jesus.

When we hear the word peace that is where our mind should go because Jesus’ death is our source of peace.

Biblically peace is not the absence of noise. It does not mean calm and quiet. Instead, peace is things as they ought to be.

With that definition in mind, it might seem strange to think of the crucifixion in conjunction with peace. After all, that event was anything but peaceful. Nothing was as it should have been.

The prince of life died. The God of love experienced all of the hatred of mankind. All of the sins of the human race were heaped upon Jesus, the righteous, holy, sinless One. The God of victory and triumph seemed to lose.

In one moment of history everything that should have been wasn’t. But as strange as it may sound that moment is where we find our peace.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed and ate the fruit in the Garden, their sin produced separation from God.

Because of sin, our relationships with God and with one another are broken. We do not have peace. Things are not as they ought to be.

The wages, the just penalty for sin, is death. Because God is just, the only way to bring restoration and redemption to fallen humanity was for someone else to die in our stead.

That person would have to be completely sin free otherwise their death would only pay for their own sin. Additionally, they would have to be God Himself or else they would only be able to pay for the sins of one other man.

This is why the crucifixion, that moment in time when nothing was as it should have been, is our source of peace.

It is in the death of the Prince of Life that the penalty for our sins is paid. It is in the seeming defeat of the Lord of victory that we experience triumph. And when we watch the God of love experience all the hatred of mankind while continuing to love us even to the point of death, it is then that we know love.

Our peace is found only in the cross of Christ.

Everyone desires peace. If you look around you will find that people everywhere are looking for peace. Some look to drugs, some look to relationships, some look to alcohol. But regardless of where they are looking, everyone everywhere is searching for peace—peace with themselves, peace with others and peace with God.

The world is looking for peace but the only source of peace is the cross. It goes against all logic and reason but the Kingdom of Heaven is an upside down kingdom. It is in death that we find life; it is in embracing our own weakness that we find strength and it is in looking to the cross that we find our peace.