God Showed Me His Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day was hard for me this year. Rather than feeling loved, I felt incredibly lonely as I walked through the airport. I was flying home for my grandmother’s funeral.

I thought back to a few years before when my Great Grandfather’s funeral had been on Valentine’s day. Will this day ever bring me anything other than pain? I wondered.

As I sat down at my gate to wait for my plane to board, I felt numb. I pulled a book out of my backpack and tried to read.

“How’s your book?” the lady beside me asked.
“Oh, it’s good,” I answered.
“What’s it about?” She asked.
I groaned mentally. She’s probably not religious and will think that I am crazy for reading this book. How on earth am I going to explain this?

Normally I would have been all too eager to use my book as a lead-in to talk about my faith. But that morning I was struggling emotionally. I could not be rude, however, so I answered as best I could.

“Well, it’s about five young missionaries who were speared to death in Equador in the 1950s while trying to share their faith with an isolated people group.”
“I’ve heard of that.” She said.
“I am really fascinated by this story,” I ventured “because just two years after the spearing Elizabeth Elliot and Rachel Saint the wife and sister of two of the men who were killed that day went to live among that very same tribe. They chose to not only forgive the men who brutally killed their loved ones but also love and serve them. I want that kind of love.”
“That’s what this world needs more of.” She said. “We cannot forgive like that without the love of God working in us.”

Our conversation continued like that. We talked about how we had both come to know the Lord, His working in our lives, favorite Scripture passages, our jobs and how we can use them to share our faith and glorify God.

I was amazed. My God met me at the airport through a total stranger. He encouraged my heart and filled me with hope.

He reminded me that I am never alone.

When we love and serve the Lord Jesus, even the most lonely days can be beautiful. He promises never to leave us. He promises to give us Himself.

Often it is the lonely days, the hard days that we see God’s hand most clearly. If we look He will meet us and show us His love every day of the year not just on Valentine’s day.