Jumbled Efforts and our Amazing God

I rested my chin on my hand and tapped my pen against my desk. A blank card sat in front of me. What should I write?

Because I was in one of the advanced classes at Bible College, I had arrived a few days ago. The students who were attending the basic class would arrive tomorrow. I was excited. For the moment my room was empty, just me and my stuff. Tomorrow I would have three new roommates. The card in front of me was to one of them. I wanted to do everything I could to make them feel welcome. After agonizing over the cards for a while, I finally finished them, wrote names on the outside of each envelope and laid them out on the desk. Going over to the door, I looked again at the names. Suddenly I realized that the door tag was different. The name Morgan had been removed. What happened? I wondered sadly. Walking over to the desk, I removed the card that I had written to Morgan and put it at the back of a stack of blank cards.

When the students arrived I was excited to get to know them all. While we were waiting for dinner one evening, a girl struck up a conversation with me. I learned that her name was Morgan. Immediately, I thought of the card in my room. Did I write anything that would make it exclusive to my roommate Morgan? I didn’t think so. Later I went back and re-read the card. It was very generic. After all, I hadn’t really known the girl I was writing to. I had basically said that I was excited to get to know her and glad she was here. I had also included my favorite Scripture verse at the bottom. Ok, I thought I’ll give this to the other Morgan. At least that way it won’t be wasted and maybe it will bless her. Setting it on my desk with the intention of delivering it later, I began working on a homework assignment.

The card sat on my desk all week. Every time I saw it I thought, oh I need to take that to Morgan. Finally one afternoon I thought, if I don’t do it now I’ll probably never do it. Picking up the card, I walked downstairs to Morgan’s room and slid the card under her door.

Later that day, I received a letter from Morgan. In it, she shared with me that she had stepped out in obedience to what she felt the Holy Spirit was calling her to do that afternoon. As soon as she did so, the enemy attacked her. Her mind was filled with doubt and she began to struggle. It was then that she noticed my card. The Holy Spirit used my card and especially the verse at the end to confirm that she had done the right thing and that He was pleased.

When I finished reading her card, I sat back in amazement. The card I had given to her was intended for someone else. Even after I decided to give it to her I had meant to deliver it days beforehand. I saw so clearly the goodness of God at that moment. He knew all along who would receive that card and when. He knew what she would need to hear and He gave me the words to write.

What an amazing God we serve! He can use even our jumbled efforts at service to bless others beyond our wildest imaginations.

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  1. What a beautiful, encouraging testimony!! It is SO exciting to see God’s faithfulness in small ways like this. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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